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Dixie Bibb Graves (1883-1965)

Dixie Bibb Graves

Dixie Bibb Graves was Alabama's first female Senator. In 1937 she was appointed to serve the unexpired term of Hugo Black in the United States Senate and delivered the first speech there by a woman Senator.

The wife of a twice-elected governor of Alabama, Mrs. Graves was active in the suffrage movement and was president of the Alabama league of Women Voters. She was also a moving force in the Christian Women's Temperance Union. Long an advocate of the child labor amendment, she worked for years in behalf of human welfare agencies.

A small woman with a gentle manner and endearing charm and graciousness, she was described by the Montgomery Advertiser as having "a keen intelligence and amazing grasp of national problems, shown in the service she has rendered."

Mrs. Graves knew the power of women, and was one of the leaders among women's organizations in Alabama. She was a member or officer in the Alabama Historical Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, No-Name Literary Club of Montgomery, Women's Missionary Union of First Christian Church (Montgomery), Young Women's Christian Association, League of Women Voters, Women's Christian Temperance Union, Alabama Federation of Women's Clubs, and United Daughters of the Confederacy. She also was active as a member of boards and national organizations; Alabama Illiteracy Commission, Board of Trustees of Boys Industrial School, American Red Cross, American Legion Auxiliary, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Board of Directors of Bob Jones College, and others.

She received honorary degrees from Bob Jones College, 1935, and from the Alabama College of Montevallo (University of Montevallo), 1936.


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